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Customize Your Kit

How can you compose a kit that suits every situation for a person in all different kind of circumstances? 

The very easy answer: it’s impossible. 

The number of products can change per demand, but also the nature of the product can be different each time. No kit can be perfectly designed for all situations. This is the reason why Svizera developed the concept ' customize your kit'. Every situation needs a different approach with different products. 

Please check our website for more information and the latest developments.


Svizera holds the following Certificates


AEO Security and Safety



Water Solutions

Water Solutions

The most recent devlopments of the clean water solutions are very often combined with solar solutions.


More details about water innovations can be found on

Light Solutions

Light Solutions

From very small light solutions as small solar lights to complicated product as the solar power for a microscope.

Svizera Europe can assist you in the search of a suitable solution.

New Developments

New Developments

Svizera is working on 4 innovative new projects, if you want to receive a notification about the developments send an email to